Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 we have had to cancel our May course.  The September COURSE WILL RUN ONLINE!.  We will keep the website up to date to keep you informed of any further changes.

Course Dates

September Course Dates/Times:

Friday September 18th 10-5
Saturday September 19th 2-5
Sunday September 20th 10-5
Tuesday September 22nd  10-5

There will be 3 hours of practical work to undertake in your own time.

Tea/Coffee & lunch breaks will be scheduled accordingly.

Cost for Online Course:



This course is very much a practical and hands on course and is something that we pride ourselves on. The decision to go online has not been taken lightly. We feel that it is important to see, smell and taste the herbs to fully understand and appreciate them.

To ensure that delegates are still getting as much of the hands-on aspects we will send delegates a package of herb samples for tasting and for practical sessions for you to do at home.

This package is included in the cost of the course and will contain:

1)      30+ samples of tinctures
2)      7+ samples of dried herbs
3)      Oils and waxes for practical sessions
4)      Teas for practical sessions
5)      2 essential oil samples


  • The History of Herbal Medicine (specifically, the Western approach)
  • How Herbs Work: when and why to use herbal medicine. This will include several practical sessions throughout the course.
  • Phytochemistry/Pharmacology
  • Assessing the patient
  • Clinical Considerations
  • Safety/Adverse Events (including drug interactions)
  • Sourcing Herbs
  • Formulating Prescriptions
  • Legalities (including VMD and RCVS stances)

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